Monday, August 5, 2013

To Be Continued...

We had a fantastic day at the Seoul Zoo followed by an evening exploring Itaewon, an area in downtown Seoul that's rich in foreigners, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars.  We dragged the girls back to Seongnam City for bed at about 10:30pm and are ready to crash ourselves!

I took over 400 photos today (many of them suck) and will need a bit of time to go through them.  While a few have been posted to Instagram already - - many more will make their way here tomorrow.

Normally, I'd push myself to hit publish on a thorough blog post before calling it a night but I'm wiped and I've gotta be up in 5 hours for a 5+ hour flight to Hong Kong.  The next leg of our Asian Adventure will see us heading to Hong Kong for a few days.  You can expect several stories and many images from the next stop in our incredible journey!

I'll draft a more thorough blog post about our trip to Seoul Zoo and Itaewon on the plane tomorrow and we'll get it posted here as soon as we find some wifi in Hong Kong...

Thanks for following along (and for your patience) !

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