Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Relaxing on our holidays!

The morning started quite slowly as last night was a late one. We encouraged the kids to sleep in and they did (till 8:00am).  Yah!  We enjoyed spending the morning with Jonathan. He's got a cold and is feeling lousy but he went out to buy bagels for the girls for breakfast!  Rachel and Abby have also been enjoying the self created fruit smoothies in the blender. 

We got a little silly on the subway taking selfies... but we aren't sharing those photos today! A series of buses and subways took us to Gangnam Station to meet Auntie HJ for our manicure appointment at 4:00pm. HJ has spoiled us girls with fresh nails! Thank you for the indulgent treat HJ! 

We took advantage of the break HJ has between classes and stopped for dinner at a fried chicken restaurant. The meal is ordered for the table and we shared. Yummy salad, buffalo chips (like Mr. Greenjeans used to serve!), and chicken tenders. We enjoyed the meal but more than that the girls LOVED the bathroom. It was a very small space with a spinning disco ball and blasting music that makes you want to dance... so the three of us did! 

From there, we headed home for an early night. We caught up with Jonathan who spent the day resting and trying to feel better.  Sometimes a simple day is good too... especially when you're on holidays!

Thanks for reading!

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