Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lotte World & the Giants

The majority of our day today was spent at Lotte World.  Lotte is a company that has a huge presence in Korea (they're no Samsung or Hyundai, but they're huge).  One of their many sources of income is Lotte World, Seoul's closest thing to Disneyland.  This massive indoor & outdoor amusement park opened in the late 80's and is still incredibly popular, judging by the masses of people that we encountered there today.

Lotte World has many thrill rides and also a number of rides and attractions for the whole family. While today was all about the kids, Jennifer and I just might have enjoyed ourselves more than the girls did.  From the complaints to how long the lines were to the concern over how 'scary' some of the rides might be, both of our kids took turns taking away from our enjoyment of the rides and attractions.  As a result, we decided that Lotte World just might be the closest the girls ever come to visiting a real Disney theme park!

Oh, and the T-shirts here... we've shared a few laughs over some of the slogans & sayings on some of the clothes that we've seen, like the girl at the Lotte World ticket booth seen below.  Jonathan's theory is that they may not even know what their clothing means sometimes, it just came at the right price...

While Rachel found many gift shops that caught her eye and burnt a hole in her pocket, Abby found some other things that she wanted to do like rock climbing... which Rachel ended up doing as well!

From Lotte World, we made our way to Jamsil Stadium to see a baseball game in Seoul.  This proved to be a fascinating way to spend an evening, as there are many, many things that compete with baseball for your attention.  We bought Rachel and Abby a little Doosan Bears swag (the home team) so that they'd fit in.  But, as it turns out, we were seated firmly in the Pusan Giants section!

Baseball games in Seoul are insanely popular, with the entire crowd cheering their team on vehemently .  Between the loud music, the chanting, the cheerleaders and the accessories, baseball takes a backseat to all of the other commotion within the stadium!  Yes, those are grocery bags on everyone's heads in the Pusan Giants section where we were sitting.  Guess buying Rachel and Abby swag for the home team wasn't a great move when we were sitting in the visiting team's section!

All in all, it was another fascinating day in Seoul and we're now in the process of prioritizing must-see sites for our few remaining days in Asia...

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