Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breakfast in Hong Kong. Dinner in Seoul.

Man, we're starting to feel like globe trotters...

Today was spent in full-on travel mode as we had to make our way to the Kong Kong airport mid-morning and we didn't land in Seoul until just before sundown.  Between the side trip to Japan, all of our time in Korea and the last few days in Hong Kong, we've really been racking up our hours in the sky!

Through all the airline checkin counters, security checkpoints, heat screenings, shuttle buses/trains, customs clearances and declaration stops, we've become quite efficient at juggling backpacks, passports, water bottles and kids!  Thankfully we've been able to cut baggage claims out of the equation by travelling light when visiting Japan and Hong Kong.  When even light shorts and T-shirts seem like too much clothing due to the high heat and humidity, it's easy to avoid suitcases!

Now that we're back in Korea, we're staying put for the next 8 days until our Asian Adventure draws to a close and we find ourselves heading home on our next set of flights.  Well, sort of...

Tomorrow morning will see us packing up again for one more little adventure outside of Seoul proper.  We're heading down to the southeast shoreline of South Korea to spend a couple of days in Pusan (or Busan, depending on where you're from).  However, for this leg of the journey we're sticking to the highways rather than the skies or the rails. 

Jonathan, HJ, her brother and mother are packing us all up into a van for the drive across the country.  Apparently the drive can take as little as four hours under ideal conditions.  But it's peak travel season at the moment and the trip could very well take us 8-9 hours.  All I can say is this rental van better have  kick ass air conditioning...

While we've been trying to maintain the daily blog posts, they might become a little more sporadic over the remainder of our time in Asia.  We're not sure what the wifi situation will be like in Pusan so we'll play it by ear.  Rest assured that we'll still be taking lots of pics and saving up our stories to share with you here and on Instagram as close to real time as possible.  

We know that many of you are following along with our adventures very closely and we're thrilled that you can live vicariously through us!  Having said that, as you're about to wake up and start your day, I need to call it a night after another long day of travel.  

Thanks for reading :-)

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