Monday, July 29, 2013

Kyoto + Kobe = Krazy Kool!

We woke up in Osaka, Japan and enjoyed the breakfast buffet. It had traditional Japanese foods as well as more common breakfast foods like cereal, sausage, eggs and Rachel's favourite - croissants!  We drove to Kyoto, Japan. Along the way we saw beautiful scenery! 

Kyoto, Japan... the tour guide shared this bamboo forest with us! It was a spectacular walk through a forest filled with very tall, thick bamboo trees.  It rained most of the day but that didn't stop us from enjoying the day!

We also visited Kiyomizu Temple today. This photo was just at the approach. The impressive structure is below.

These three natural springs bring people love, health or education depending on the one you drink from.  We then drove to another temple in Kyoto.

The bus driver parked quite a ways from the next temple. On our walk to Inari Jinja Temple we noticed these beautiful tombs along the road in a heavily populated area.

This path led to the temple. It was a spectacular sight!

Along the highways we often saw many interesting things.  However, it was difficult to take a photo without a large wall or truck getting in the way. We did manage to snap this one ... with some recognizable landmarks for Canadians!  We didn't realize the driver sits on the opposite side of the vehicle in Japan and also drives on the other side of the road. Yet the speed limit is posted in km and haven't seen many areas that are over 80 km/hour, even on the freeways! 

We arrived in Kobe, Japan just in time for dinner.  We had a traditional Yosenabe (hot pot) with vegetables and beef.  It was also served with rice.  Absolutely delicious.  We had a short drive to Portopia Hotel in Kobe, Japan.  Turns out it's on an island... 

Andy and Jonathan went to check out downtown Kobe via train. I hope they will share about their adventures later! Goodnight. 

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