Sunday, July 21, 2013

have money = will travel

Made our first million* the other day (Korean won, not Canadian dollars). Now that we're flush with cash, we're almost ready for our first foray into Asia. We've got a few weeks to explore South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

The next twenty some odd days are going to open our eyes to all kinds of experiences and we can't wait to share them all with you here. We'll be using this blog to share some of our pictures, many of our stories and several of our observations as we explore several Asian cultures and countries for the very first time.

This trip has been over a decade in the making and we're so excited that we're able to share our first-hand experiences with family and friends as this adventure unfolds. We're thrilled that Rachel & Abby are able to join us on this adventure.  Their voices will be prominently featured in our reflections.

Let's make this space dynamic. If you've been to the places we're about to go, tell us what we should do and see through commenting on our blog posts.  If you're taking these experiences in for the first time (like us), feel free to leave us comments about the places you'd go and the things you'd do if you were in our shoes.

*One Canadian dollar is worth 1000 Korean won, so we really aren't THAT flush with cash ;-)

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