Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Exploring Seongnam City

Today Jonathan and HJ needed to go to work so we took it easy. Slept in a bit, laundry etc. Around lunch time we headed out on our own! We took a short bus ride to AK Plaza in the downtown area of Seongnam City (suburb of Seoul).  This is the area that Jonathan and HJ live in. The girls found this fountain to try to cut the heat. They watched the water and got a bit wet! 

These innocent looking cicadas create an incredible amount of noise all day long! We watched children trying to catch them near a playground.  We had to look up info about them and apparently only the males make that mating call during the hot summer days. 

These multi level buildings are seen everywhere you look in Seongnam City (suburb of Seoul). They are packed solid with businesses. Everything from restaurants and cosmetic stores to tiles and Karaoke bars.  It's a little difficult to find places to look around when you are not able to read the Korean signs.. but you will notice some English.

Fascinating traffic ways. I took this photo while crossing the street.

Abby and I headed to the grocery store (in the basement of a close by building) to pick up some breakfast food.

Auntie HJ joined us for dinner. She took us to a chicken restaurant that serves awesome garlic roasted chicken. We enjoyed the spicy fries and the sides of pickles, jalapeƱos and radishes.  The beer went down really well with the chicken too!

After dinner, Auntie HJ explained this truck. This man makes a living driving around selling traditional Korean wares.  She shared some stories about what some of these pieces were used for in the olden days.

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